In 2018, our 2017 estate Zinfandel and Syrah along with our Cabernet Sauvignon will be ready for tasting.  We expect great things and look forward to sharing our first vintage with you.  The Malbec, Tempranillo and Cabernet Franc were  harvested this season and we sourced grapes for Chardonnay and Merlot from a local high desert vineyard to showcase what this appellation has to offer.  More to come on the tasting notes.


In 2016, we decided to grow one of our favorite varietals, Viognier.  Because of our higher altitude and shorter growing season, we hope to create a wine that captures the warmth of Southern California's high desert and blends in the crispness of Fall, the delight of Winter and the welcoming blossom of Spring.  What we hope will emerge is a balanced, light and fruity expression one of our favorite pastimes...relaxing in the vineyard gazebo with wine and loved ones.


Part of the joy of winemaking is creating a new blend from the different varietals.  When we planted our second vineyard in 2015 and our third in 2016, we had that in mind.  Our future blends will combine the vivacity,  tenaciousness and sheer will of each grape we harvest.  We can't wait!


"Capturing the abundant golden rays of Southern California's high desert"

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