Every wine has its own story to tell.  We believe every stage of its history from the grape seed to the glass complements that story.

Our philosophy at Sambridge Vineyards is pretty simple.  A good wine can come from anywhere in the world where the terroir communicates its own subtle or bold essence.  A great wine involves a combination of knowledge, toil, trial and error, some luck and an abundance of tender loving care for the vines.  Every step of the way, from the vineyard preparation to planting to harvesting, we have appreciated and embraced the process with welcome expectancy.  It hasn't always been easy but usually something this worthwhile doesn't come without entanglements.  We believe in honest, hard work combined with a heap of fun and we welcome all to share in our vision.

As an up and coming wine region, the high desert of Southern California affords a great opportunity to develop new flavorful hints and shades of existing varietals.  As wine lovers ourselves, we strive to produce a wine that speaks to our story and will convey that narrative the moment you taste it...like a memoir on your palate.  We hope you will like what you taste.


We're excited to finally offer the wines we have been producing since 2017.  As of now, however, we are only offering our wines for sale online.  We plan to do local deliveries (within 50 miles) and local pick up with the possibility of shipping.  Please give us a call or leave a message on this site with any questions.


At Sambridge Vineyards, the goal has always been to grow grapes in Southern California's high desert and create great vines.  When we planted our first vineyard in 2013 and harvested our first crops in 2015, that dream became an incredible reality.  We believe our wines reflect what we envisioned from the very beginning.  Enjoy!